Urban Decay Smoky Palette Discontinued [Why and Where to Get It]

Urban Decay Smoky Palette Discontinued [Why and Where to Get It]

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Yes – it’s sad, but true. The Urban Decay Smoky Palette is being discontinued. Naked palette lovers everywhere are mourning the loss of this gorgeous piece of makeup art.

Here’s a bit more on why Urban Decay chose to discontinue the Smoky Palette and where you can snag yours before they’re gone.

What is the Urban Decay Smoky Palette?

This palette is one of many in a series of 12-shadow palettes Urban Decay, a popular makeup brand, has released.

The Naked palettes have an extremely large following and are known for their fabulous pigment.

Each palette includes 12 shades ranging from pale to deep tones so you can create a wide variety of looks. They also contain a double-ended brush for application.

Other Urban Decay Naked palettes include:

  • The Original Naked Palette (Discontinued)
  • Naked 2 Palette
  • Naked 3 Palette
  • Naked Heat Palette
  • Naked Cherry Palette

This palette is made up of 12 shades designed to help create the perfect smoky eye look.

What Colors are in the Smoky Palette?

The shades available in the Urban Decay Smoky Palette are:







Black Market






Urban Decay Smoky Palette Swatches

Here’s what each color looks like swatched on my arm – please ignore my pasty whiteness. I did an ancestry DNA test and I’m just white, white, and more white, all mixed together and baked and then out popped me! 🤦‍♀️

all of the colors in the smoky palette swatched on Sabrina's arm

As you can see, these colors are absolutely stunning!

Now, I’m totallyone of those makeup fanatics that drools over all things glitter and shimmer.

And this palette has a LOT of glitter and shimmer.


This has definitely been my go-to when I’m feeling a little witchy and want to put on more of a sultry makeup look.

Why is the Urban Decay Smoky Palette Being Discontinued?

Urban Decay is changing up their palettes on the regular – as are all businesses.

I mean, how are you going to stay in business if you’re just staying where you’re at, am I right?

There are new trends being set every day. New formulas. New colors of the year being announced. Any company who wants to stay afloat has to stay on top of these changes to be successful.

Sometimes, that means discontinuing some items to make room for new ones.

YAY but BOO all at the same time. I LOVE new palettes and playing with the different shades and formulas – but it’s definitely a disappointment when you find out that one of your favorite palettes is biting the dust because of it.

Where Can I Buy the Urban Decay Smoky Palette?

This palette is still available for purchase as long as inventory is available. You may still be able to find this palette at a discounted price at:

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